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Aggylon BrandCenter is an essential tool for brand, communication, and marketing directors seeking consistency and to avoid errors in the usage of their brands. Finally, all your brand content, workflows, approvals, and metrics, updated all at once. All of this in a single SaaS platform.

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Digital asset management​​

A space to manage and organize all your content without capacity limits, with an advanced search engine to find what you need in a matter of seconds.

Project management

A tool hired by 90% of our clients to manage requests according to different approval processes with numerous users. No more emails for requests and approvals in the inbox.

Template self-publishing

From a template, create a customizable template that the user can modify according to your parameters, approve it, and then press the print button.

Brand inventory

All brand elements: Brand books, manuals, videos, or presentations. Ensure the proper use of the brand at all levels of the organization.

User profiling

You can create as many profiles as you want, internal and external workgroups, and give them access to the tools and content you want. Personalization of access and usage.


“We can integrate with popular tools (Magento, Mailchimp, …) and with your internal management systems or databases. Where is the limit?”

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