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We digitize
the use of
the brand

A digital solution for the management of all the resources, people and processes related to the brand, the marketing and the communication, all in a same monthly subscription platform.


Do not take our words,

trust our costumers.



Brand management

All brand elements: from manuals, to videos or presentations. It ensures the proper use of the brand at all levels of the organization.

Digital asset management

A space where you can manage and organize all your content without capacity limits, with an advanced search engine to find what you want in seconds.

Requests management

A tool hired by the 90% of our costumers so as to manage requests according to different approval processes with a multitude of users. No more request and approval e-mails in your inbox.

Customizable templates

Create a customizable template from a template, so that the user can modify it according to your parameters, approve it and click on the print button.

User profiling

You can create as many profiles as you want as well as work groups both internal and external, and give them access to the tools and content you want. Personalized access and use.


We can integrate popular tools such as magento, mailchimp, … as well as with your internal
management or database systems. Where is the limit?

About us

We created our first BrandCenter more than 15 years ago for a well-known international bank and, since then, we have been evolving our model to a SaaS tool.

We are brand consultants, we understand our clients, we know their needs and the problems they have from day to day, facts that we took into account when we developed the current BrandCenter.

The customers who hire the BrandCenter are from different sectors, from sport teams, banking, insurance, mining, energy companies, amusement parks, cultural companies… BC adds value to any company.

This is how we work


Let us help you

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Tool activation, L&F, integrations, …


On boarding

Content upload, training, user profiling, …


BrandCenter done

Start managing the brand in the best of ways.

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